In case you haven’t noticed, it’s back-to-school month! I’m actually kind of in shock at how early some schools start – here in Alabama schools already started this week! We’re about to move back to Utah, where my oldest son is starting kindergarten the last Tuesday of the month. I’m thankful I get to have a little extra time with him before he’ll be gone half the day.

In honor of all the children going back to school, I have created the ultimate list of do-it-yourself pencil pouches. My goal in creating this list was to compile all of the pencil pouches, bags, cases, and other types of bags that could work for pencils into one location, and have it nicely organized, so if you want to create a pencil case you can easily pick a pattern that inspires you and go for it. There are so many tutorials out there, and I am sure I have missed some! If you come across a tutorial for a pencil case (or make one yourself) and would like it featured on this post, please shoot me an email (sunni (at) so that I can add it to this list. It is the “ultimate” list after all!

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