14 Boy-Approved Pajama Patterns

Back in September, I made some pajama pants for Mr. R and Mr. A as part of a contest for Patterns for Pirates. Though I didn’t win, I had so much fun making the pajamas! I wanted to share them in a special way, so I thought I’d do a round up of some boy-approved pajama patterns. Though most pajama patterns can be made for boys and girls, I made sure to leave out the extra frilly options. 😉

The list includes both free and paid for versions. You’ll find that though the free versions are great, the size options are usually very limited. It takes a lot of time and effort to draft patterns in different sizes and test for the sizes, so you know when you pay for a pattern you are usually getting something high quality. Either way you go though, you will be supporting a sewist who will be very appreciative of you sewing her pattern!

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Up Syndrome: an unexpected blessing

Truth: Life never gives you what you expect. Sometimes it ends up being better than you could ever imagine.

Such is the case with our lives right now. Exactly one month ago, on October 20 at 5:10 pm, the sweetest spirit entered this world. Leo (hereafter known as Mr. L) gave us the surprise of our lives by not only coming 10 days early (my older two children were born after my due date), but arriving with one blessed chromosome more than normal. Mr. L was born with down syndrome.

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DIY: Bernard Costume From Where The Wild Things Are

Looking for the Max Wild Thing tutorial? Look here!

It’s here! I finished the second Where The Wild Things Are tutorial. Though there are plenty of variations of Max, not many have been done for this one, Bernard, so hopefully you enjoy this DIY!

Bernard the Wild Thing Costume DIY Tutorial by Sewing Blue

As I mentioned in the Max tutorial, the bison-looking* wild thing is named Bernard. Turns out the author of Where The Wild Things Are, Maurice Sendak, named the wild things after his relatives, and one of them was Bernard. Others were Tzippy, Moishe, Aaron, and Emile. Fun fact, eh?

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Monster Mash Tour: Aang from Avatar

Welcome to my stop on Sewing by Ti’s Monster Mash blog tour! This is actually my first blog tour, and considering it’s Halloween-based and Halloween is my favorite thing to sew for ever, it’s a match made in heaven. I hope you enjoy this costume of Aang from Avatar!

Monster Mash Tour: Aang from Avatar by Sewing Blue

Babies are the sweetest to sew for. As long as it’s something comfortable for them, generally there’s no complaints while they wear it, so you can make them wear any adorable outfit, like this costume here. (P.S, never seen Avatar: The Last Airbender? Check it out! It’s clean, entertaining, good for kids and adults, and inspires cute baby costumes!).

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DIY: Max Costume From Where The Wild Things Are

Looking for the Bernard Wild Thing tutorial? Look here!

Wild things (n): boisterous children; “vilde chaya”, a Yiddish expression meaning “wild animals”.

Max from Where The Wild Things Are DIY Tutorial by Sewing Blue

These are my wild things, Mr. R. and Mr. A. They bring joy to my soul and try my patience daily. When I read The Wild Things to them, I can’t help but think of what a relation there is between them and the characters in the book! Back in June (seriously, dressing up for Halloween is amazing, why would you not think about it half the year long?) when I started brainstorming costume ideas I couldn’t help but think of this one for them, and the boys accepted it, so here we are!

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Last Minute First Day of School Raglan Tee for Little Boys

Confession here: this is the first time I’ve actually made anything for my children from a pattern! *gasp, cough, sputter* Haha, yes, that’s right! Sunni here at Sewing Blue who has sewed countless costumes, changing pads, curtains, and who knows what else has avoided patterns like the plague. I’ve made plenty of things from patterns I created from my boys’ clothing, so I never saw the need to pay extra money for a pattern when I knew I could make something on my own fit perfectly. But you know what? I’m so glad I finally caved in and did it!

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The ULTIMATE List of DIY Pencil Pouches

In case you haven’t noticed, it’s back-to-school month! I’m actually kind of in shock at how early some schools start – here in Alabama schools already started this week! We’re about to move back to Utah, where my oldest son is starting kindergarten the last Tuesday of the month. I’m thankful I get to have a little extra time with him before he’ll be gone half the day.

In honor of all the children going back to school, I have created the ultimate list of do-it-yourself pencil pouches. My goal in creating this list was to compile all of the pencil pouches, bags, cases, and other types of bags that could work for pencils into one location, and have it nicely organized, so if you want to create a pencil case you can easily pick a pattern that inspires you and go for it. There are so many tutorials out there, and I am sure I have missed some! If you come across a tutorial for a pencil case (or make one yourself) and would like it featured on this post, please shoot me an email (sunni (at) sewingblue.com) so that I can add it to this list. It is the “ultimate” list after all!

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Everyday Maternity Ruched Short-Sleeve Top With FREE Pattern

Sewing Blue FREE Pattern - Everyday Maternity Ruched Top

Finding maternity clothing is ridiculously challenging: how do you find something that not only fits you at the moment, but fits you throughout nine months of your belly growing, is comfortable, and looks good on you too? Some additional criteria for me was it had to be light and have sleeves, no layering required, something essential for humid, hot Southern summers. Well friends, this free, simple pattern is the solution! Pair it with some cute jersey knit fabric, and you have something that you can make a million of and wear all pregnancy long. 

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Quick Boys Knit Shorts DIY With Shirred Waistband

Boys knit shorts with shirred waistband :: Sewing Blue

A child’s imagination is one of the sweetest gifts the world is given. It’s been a week since making the cow costumes for Chick-Fil-A, and they have already asked several times to wear them so they can be cows. Once properly attired, they run around on all fours mooing their little hearts out. My heart melts whenever I see them pretending together like this!

To make the costumes, I had to first make white shorts for Mr. R, as he was lacking in any white bottoms (though if for any reason he had white pants they would have been chopped into shorts immediately – 90 degree weather plus Alabama humidity can’t ask for anything more!).  Because the shorts are made from a larger t-shirt and require no hemming at the bottom, they take less than an hour to make. They’re kind of fun to make too since they use elastic thread instead of elastic. In addition, they’re super comfy! I mean, jersey knit shorts? Yum to your skin! Your kids will love these. If you’re not using them to make cows, choose any color to elicit endless entertainment: pink for a pig, stripes for a pirate, or like I am planning on per Mr. A’s requests, green for a frog! Heck, they’re so simple I’m tempted to make myself a pair.

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Super Easy Cow Appreciation Day Costume

Super Easy Cow Appreciation Day Costume :: Sewing Blue

Yesterday was Cow Appreciation Day, AKA “Dress Like A Cow To Get Free Food At Chick-Fil-A Day!”It happens once a year in the beginning of July. We’ve celebrated the beauty of cows for the past six years, ever since I was pregnant with Mr. R, and we don’t plan to stop anytime soon!

Do you want a simple, easy to make costume that doesn’t fall apart, yet gets the job done and gets you free food on this glorious day? We’ve got you covered. 

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